What is your reputation worth? Can you afford to lose trust in your business or brand?



Crisis communications

It's not the crisis that defines your organisation. It's the way you handle it.

You don't have to look far to see crises hitting the headlines, leaving people and organisations working hard - with varying levels of success - to rebuild trust in their business and their brand. And while everyone hopes it will never be their business in the spotlight, sometimes, it is.
So what constitutes a crisis for your organisation, and how would you handle it if it happened?

Are you ready to act quickly, to keep the people that matter informed about what you are doing to put things right? Is your senior team capable of effectively representing your business in the media? And with social networks leaving organisations with nowhere to hide, do you have a clear social media strategy in a crisis, and somebody senior and experienced to implement it?

From flood damage halting production to a safety-related product recall; dealing with the fallout of behaviour from a disgruntled employee or a death on site; the way an organisation deals with a crisis makes, and sometimes breaks, its reputation long after the crisis itself has passed.
People often think, “It will never happen to me,” when they should be thinking, "What is the reputation of my business worth?" Investing a relatively small amount of time now will reap significant rewards should your business ever find itself in a crisis.

Crises can – and do - happen. And if it happens to you, we’re here to help.
We’ll work with you to identify what could impact on your business and how, and develop robust communications plans that can be implemented quickly and easily should the worst happen.
But if the unthinkable happens, and you’re not prepared – call us. Quickly. The sooner you get us involved the more help we can be.

Download our Crisis Management White Paper today.

Download our Crisis Management in a Digital World White Paper today.

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