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You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular PR and digital marketing tips. In the meantime, feel free to download any of our guides and white papers below. We've updated them to include advice on communicating through the current health crisis, in response to questions we're being asked.

Effective internal communication during the COVID-19 crisis
This guide is designed to help businesses communicate effectively with their teams through the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides practical advice on the best ways to communicate with employees, many of whom will be working remotely or furloughed. Download the free guide.

Internal communications in a crisis

Stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn
Staying visible for the right reasons during the Covid-19 pandemic has a big part to play in paving the way for future opportunities as we all adjust to new ways of working and doing business. If your LinkedIn profile is in need of sprucing up, download our free guide.


A guide to media relations during the COVID-19 crisis
What impact has COVID-19 had on the UK media landscape? What kind of stories are media outlets looking for? Is it all about coronavirus or do they want other news, too? Download our free guide to communicating with the media and find out what kind of stories to pitch in the current climate.

A guide to media relations during the COVID-19 crisis

Preparing for and communicating in a crisis: 
For most SMEs, the scandals that hit the national and international headlines may seem a far cry from the everyday realities of running a private enterprise in tough times. But small enterprises aren’t immune from crises. While the reputational challenges they face may be smaller in scale than those of the celebs and big corporates, the negative impact on their worlds may be no less catastrophic, proportionately speaking. Download our advice for businesses here.

Crisis management in a digital world: 
In the world of mobile technology, communication is instantaneous, incessant and capable of reaching an international audience within seconds. News travels fast and every individual with a mobile device and access to social networks can broadcast their version of the news. Read our advice to help you prepare for and respond to a crisis using social media.
Crisis PR in a digital world

Demystifying SEO:
This guide will help you make sense of SEO from a marketeer or business owner’s perspective – what it is in simple terms, why
you need it, how to set up your site in the right way and what you need to do to keep an SEO programme going. Download the guide.
Demystifying SEO

What is news?  
Every second of every minute, day, month, year, news is being created and shared. This guide explores what makes a good news story, what different news outlets are looking for and finding the news in your business. Download the guide.
White Paper 4: What is news?