"This last year has been an exciting whirlwind of new things. The team has supported my marketing education to the hilt and given me the confidence to continue challenging myself."

Annis Cordy


Three things I've learned in my first year at Partners

Senior account executive Annis joined the Partners Group in November 2015, and is now firmly part of the team. Today on the blog, she talks us through the three most important things she’s learned in her first year, and why her role at Partners is different from any other job she’s ever had…

Marketing is a many-legged beast

In the grand scheme of things in the marketing world, I’m still just a baby. When I joined the Partners team, I’d had just under two years’ industry experience: my first marketing job was as a search engine optimisation executive at a large digital agency, which developed into a role as a creative campaign strategist as SEO best practice increasingly began to overlap with digital PR.

Working at a large agency, each member of the team had a distinct role and a single campaign would have many people working on it. This gave me the chance to learn a lot about the area I specialised in (link building and earned media, if you’re interested), but made it difficult to get a sense of how all the different elements of a campaign integrated, overlapped and affected each other.

The concept of integrated campaigns has never been more relevant. Marketing activities don’t exist in a vacuum: in a strategy focusing on four or five marketing channels, it’s important to be aware of where they overlap and where this creates extra opportunities to engage and convert.

This, then, hammers home the importance of keeping a strategic overview of a campaign or project, even if you’re the smallest cog in the machine – and I’ve come to realise that this is something Partners does very well. We often spin a lot of plates for our clients: when we’re devising strategies, writing blogs, distributing press releases, sending e-shots, monitoring website activity, planning events and posting on social media, we’re always on the lookout for ways to use one channel to enhance the effects of another, while still keeping our focus on the client’s end goal.

Sometimes it’s an instant success. Sometimes it’s a real pain to keep track of. Sometimes it’s like watching a game of dominoes as one element influences the next. But it makes all the difference when it comes to effective marketing, and the Partners team knows this well.

Skill sets are assets

When I came to the Partners office for my first interview, Karen and Monica were enthusiastic about my background in digital marketing and SEO: the company’s track record with traditional PR, copywriting and communications was strong and extensive, but they were keen to bring more online expertise to the business and keep up with current trends in digital.

Meanwhile, I was aware that I had some significant gaps in my knowledge and expertise: I had never dealt with print publications, for example, and my knowledge of email marketing was limited. On offering me the job Karen and Monica promised me lots of training and development, I offered to help the business expand its digital services, and everyone was satisfied.

Fourteen months on from my appointment, I hope the directors are still content with their choice, because I certainly am. This last year has been an exciting whirlwind of new things: from press releases to print advertising, account management to email campaigns, the team has supported my marketing education to the hilt and given me the confidence to continue challenging myself.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to uphold my end of the bargain: I’ve run digital training sessions for the team, overseen the development of clients’ websites in line with current best practice, and established new processes for SEO audits and keyword strategies. Knowledge-sharing has been a two-way process, and I’m only too happy to keep on teaching and learning.

It’s the individuals who make the business

Well, it’s soppy but it’s true – the Partners Group is small but perfectly formed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On a professional level, it’s a beautifully balanced team: from “Action” Anni’s ferocious productivity to Monica’s strategic pragmatism, Nic’s consummate professionalism to Karen’s straight-talking with a sense of humour, our skills combine to form a team who understand each other and work to their strengths. The skills profiling and team-building exercises we’ve undertaken have further improved the way we work together, and the results are undeniable: we’re great at what we do.

On a personal level, though, I’d like to thank the rest of the Partners team for making my first year here so enjoyable. They’re a kind, considerate and encouraging bunch, who have supported me in taking up a role which has been very different from anything I’ve done before, and I’ve learned that it really is the people who make the team. Thank you all, and bring on Year Two!
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