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Share and share alike

We’re taught from a young age that sharing is good. So why is it that as we grow up and move into world of business, so many people are reluctant to share?
‘But I don’t want my competitors to see what we’re doing – they might copy us’ is an all too familiar conversation when it comes to highlighting clients’ achievements through PR.
But the world has become more sociable. Social networks make sharing easy. People are sharing information, best practice, knowledge, insights and experiences. The world is opening up. If you want to know something, there are an infinite number of places you can post questions, and people will respond with information that is genuinely useful and valuable.
Think about it. If your competitors are out there sharing information, their customers (and yours) will see them as the expert, the thought leader in your industry. That should be you.
So try sharing. Found a great way of doing something? Share it. Found a resource that your customers will find indispensable? Share it. Don’t keep it to yourself. So what if your competitors see it too? Believe me, they’ll be kicking themselves for not thinking of it sooner.
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