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The impact of COVID-19 on property PR

The need for more robust and intelligent PR strategies to help build reputations in a post-COVID world, was one of the key messages at a recent pro...
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Media myth-busting

There are some commonly recurring themes and beliefs people have about the way things work – many of which aren’t true. So we thought w...
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Look for the good in a time of crisis

How do you want your business to be thought of when the Covid-19 crisis is over? 
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Carry on communicating

Here are 10 tips for effective communication as we start move out of lockdown.
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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

We're hearing from people who are regretting decisions they made back in March to cut publicity budgets.
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The F word

Read our 10 tips for communicating effectively with people as you bring them out of furlough.
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Free guide to media relations during COVID-19

Download your free guide to media relations during the COVID-19 crisis
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Media insights from the Yorkshire Post

Greg Wright, Yorkshire Post deputy business editor, shares his Covid-19 media insights.
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Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights

Top 10 tips to prepare for a broadcast interview
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Creating business value through effective PR

Here we look at how PR can help you take your business to the next level and achieve a better value when it’s time to sell.
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Don't be fooled by fake news

Here we explore why fake news has suddenly become such a significant phenomenon and put forward recommendations for addressing the threat to your b...
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Baker Small: a cautionary tale of Twitter

Here’s why even swift crisis action couldn’t save the Baker Small legal team from the public relations nightmare they created for t...
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Reputation matters

Your reputation with all stakeholders matters.
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Working Girl in 2015

A rainy Sunday afternoon provided the perfect excuse for a bit of feel-good film viewing with the 1988 classic, Working Girl, where mistaken identi...
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An A-Z guide to our services - Part one

Part one provides a list of services from A to G
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Negative PR coverage = bad. Positive PR coverage = ?

The return on investment from PR can often be difficult to quantify. But if you don’t believe you need a PR campaign – and specifically...
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What could be your firm’s ‘horsemeat in burgers’ scandal?

The damage caused to the meat industry earlier this year by the horsemeat in burgers scandal will take many years to repair. Download our Crisis Ma...
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PR consultants can make great tax advisers. Really?

The recent enquiries by MPs into the tax affairs of some of the world’s largest businesses thrusts "corporate social responsibility"...
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“It takes years to build a good reputation…”

…and seconds to destroy it.
We’ve all heard the saying, and the talk in the PR world this week (as well as much, ...
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