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The impact of COVID-19 on property PR

The need for more robust and intelligent PR strategies to help build reputations in a post-COVID world, was one of the key messages at a recent pro...
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Media myth-busting

There are some commonly recurring themes and beliefs people have about the way things work – many of which aren’t true. So we thought w...
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Inspiring innovation

We've been inspired by the business innovation and support that we've seen in recent months, and thought we'd share the experiences of ...
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You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

We're hearing from people who are regretting decisions they made back in March to cut publicity budgets.
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Free guide to media relations during COVID-19

Download your free guide to media relations during the COVID-19 crisis
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Media insights from the Yorkshire Post

Greg Wright, Yorkshire Post deputy business editor, shares his Covid-19 media insights.
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It's still good to talk

So much has changed, so quickly, and it’s time to rethink your communications plan.
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New Women in Property Chair talks Flexible Working with Property Week Magazine

Read all about how the new Women in Property chair, Monica Green, is starting her tenure by promoting flexible working. 
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B2B digital PR strategy: Four key steps to success


There are four main phases you need to take into consideration when developing your B2B digital PR strategy.

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Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights

Top 10 tips to prepare for a broadcast interview
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Birthday bonanzas

We thought it was about time for another post to give you more ideas and inspiration if you have an anniversary approaching.
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Shining a light on your vision

Having a clear vision and articulating it widely gives a business and its stakeholders a clear sense of direction.
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What has PR ever done for us?

By understanding what you want PR to achieve for your business and then telling its story, the right results will follow.
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How to mark your milestone

Here are our top five tips on how to make the most of your anniversary:
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Why a good story should be the spine of your marketing strategy

January 27th to February 3rd is National Storytelling Week in the UK – so gather round, everyone, and we’ll tell ...
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Creating business value through effective PR

Here we look at how PR can help you take your business to the next level and achieve a better value when it’s time to sell.
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No more "brothel metrics": this and other advice on effective PR evaluation

It’s always been a tricky subject: how do you know when a PR campaign has been successful? Intent on finding the Holy Grail of effective PR e...
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Your name in lights...

Increase your chances of getting your story published in print and online
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Challenge accepted!

Despite torrential rain, we completed the York Cares Big Community Challenge.
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What’s an effective paid, owned and earned (POE) media strategy?

What do we mean by each of these three categories and which is the most effective to utilise in an ever increasingly digital-centric media landscap...
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Made to measure

Our review of the 2017 PR Analytics event.
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Don't be fooled by fake news

Here we explore why fake news has suddenly become such a significant phenomenon and put forward recommendations for addressing the threat to your b...
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Toasting the Yorkshire beer scene with Brewtown

Partners successfully launches Brewtown
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Hop on board

We were whisked out of the office for an afternoon and treated to a tour of some of North Yorkshire’s newest and most innovative breweries th...
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Will changes mean more witter on Twitter?

Twitter has long been defined by its 140-character Tweet limit, forcing users to be concise and creative in their copy. Now this looks set to chang...
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Have newspapers had their day?

As other newspapers watch their reader numbers fall, Trinity Media took the brave – or foolish? – step and launched a daily newspaper T...
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Crafting content

High five to the Read more
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“But how do I know if my PR campaign was a success?” – a guide to digital PR metrics

So, how can Google Analytics help you measure the success of your campaign in a digital world?
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Reputation matters

Your reputation with all stakeholders matters.
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Three reasons why digital PR and SEO can be great bedfellows

Three reasons why digital PR and SEO are mutually beneficial strands of your marketing strategy
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10 content ideas for Twitter

Here are 10 ideas for creating relevant content for your Twitter campaign
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10 top tips for modern PR

The worlds of marketing and communications have shifted dramatically in recent years – and the speed of change is hotting up.  It can be...
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Five reasons to enter awards

There’s nothing quite like being presented with an award for business, innovation, customer service, staff development or your commitment to ...
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Four reasons why PR people are always the bridesmaid

At Partners, we’re used to not taking the spotlight. Here are four reasons why we’re always the bridesmaid, and never the bride…
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Charity challenge and a social media explosion

What looked like a straightforward sponsorship story last week turned into a two-day social media explosion.
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Make me into a "thought leader"

There’s a real desire among business owners to be perceived as “thought leaders” – to become the trusted go to people or or...
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My agency doesn't understand me

Here are our top tips to help you get the most from your PR agency
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Busting some popular PR myths

The more people we speak to about media relations, the more we discover some commonly recurring themes and beliefs people have about the way things...
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An A-Z guide to our services - Part two

Part two provides a list of services from H to Q
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An A-Z guide to our services - Part one

Part one provides a list of services from A to G
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The art of storytelling

So you’ve decided to “do some PR” and tell your story – but what does that mean nowadays? We often hear that PR is dead or ...
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How can your business tell the world something important?

Who would have thought the humble house brick had such a story to tell?
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Negative PR coverage = bad. Positive PR coverage = ?

The return on investment from PR can often be difficult to quantify. But if you don’t believe you need a PR campaign – and specifically...
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Why news releases are no longer just for the media


News releases are just one small part of what PR's all about. The outcome of writing a press release isn't just about seeing it appea...

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Mind-opening PR

We’ve found ourselves in some unusual places over our 25-year history; none more so than an abattoir and, yesterday, a prison.
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Why mystify SEO? Search me…

Although it could be said that if you ask 10 SEO experts one question you’ll get 10 different answers, what has become crystal clear is the i...
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Is 'sparkling water' news the future for newspapers?

Last week brought us a rare opportunity to share the stage at an international PR conference with the managing and digital editor of Italian newspa...
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