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SEO: The 8 key researching, reviewing and planning tasks that every website needs

Here are the 8 key SEO researching, reviewing and planning tasks that we recommend every business undertakes.
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The role of PR in the digital age

The future of PR in a digital world
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How SEO can help your business

Why you should take the first steps to better Google search rankings and unlock your business potential.
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B2B digital PR strategy: Four key steps to success


There are four main phases you need to take into consideration when developing your B2B digital PR strategy.

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Finding answers at SearchLeeds 2018

Here's what we discovered at SearchLeeds 2018
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2018 digital trends - and the SME

Digital trends tend to impact on bigger brands in the consumer world first - but here's how smaller companies in the business to business arena...
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Your name in lights...

Increase your chances of getting your story published in print and online
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The importance of great content

Martin Oates from pixelbuilders explains why great website content is so important.
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Five things we learned at SearchLeeds - part two

What's the next big thing in digital?
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Five things we learned at SearchLeeds - part one


It was a brilliant and educational day, and we came away with a tonne of new knowledge to apply to the work we do for our clients

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Why a well-built website is your most powerful PR tool

A well-written website is your ultimate tool for converting leads.
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Top tips for an effective PR and link building strategy

Here are our top tips for undertaking an effective PR and link building strategy
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Three things I've learned in my first year at Partners

Senior account executive Annis Cordy tells us the three most important things she’s learned in her first year,
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Toasting the Yorkshire beer scene with Brewtown

Partners successfully launches Brewtown
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Five things we learned at the SearchLeeds conference

Our resident digital geek Annis attended the SearchLeeds conference to find out more about current trends in digital marketing
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Will changes mean more witter on Twitter?

Twitter has long been defined by its 140-character Tweet limit, forcing users to be concise and creative in their copy. Now this looks set to chang...
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Google has implemented a new penalty – and it could affect you

It’s been a while since Google introduced a new penalty system, but last weekend the search giant announced its crackdown on what it calls &l...
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“But how do I know if my PR campaign was a success?” – a guide to digital PR metrics

So, how can Google Analytics help you measure the success of your campaign in a digital world?
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Three reasons why digital PR and SEO can be great bedfellows

Three reasons why digital PR and SEO are mutually beneficial strands of your marketing strategy
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10 content ideas for Twitter

Here are 10 ideas for creating relevant content for your Twitter campaign
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10 top tips for modern PR

The worlds of marketing and communications have shifted dramatically in recent years – and the speed of change is hotting up.  It can be...
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What happens when you Google yourself?

How tightly do you - and can you - control the content that appears online about you?
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Make me into a "thought leader"

There’s a real desire among business owners to be perceived as “thought leaders” – to become the trusted go to people or or...
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10 steps to better blogging

If you’re busy running a business, chances are you’re wondering if blogging is really worth the time and effort. The short answer is a ...
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An A-Z guide to our services - Part three

Part three provides a list of services from R to Z
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An A-Z guide to our services - Part one

Part one provides a list of services from A to G
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A blog about blogging

You should write a blog, you know. Everyone’s doing it. It’s dead easy. And it really helps with search engine optimisation. If you get...
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The art of storytelling

So you’ve decided to “do some PR” and tell your story – but what does that mean nowadays? We often hear that PR is dead or ...
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SEO is dead; long live quality content

It’s less and less about ‘behind the scenes’ SEO techniques and more and more about the quality of content and the levels of genu...
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Why news releases are no longer just for the media


News releases are just one small part of what PR's all about. The outcome of writing a press release isn't just about seeing it appea...

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Why mystify SEO? Search me…

Although it could be said that if you ask 10 SEO experts one question you’ll get 10 different answers, what has become crystal clear is the i...
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Could a Panda and a Penguin be affecting your business?

If you don’t keep a close eye on your website’s Google ranking, you’d be well advised to take a look ASAP. If you do, have you no...
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