During Collaborative Family Law Week, Brighter Future tweets averaged 2,000 impressions per day, with nationwide engagement.


The brief

Our brief was to support the first ever Collaborative Family Law Week by encouraging law firms and family practitioners across the North of England and beyond to get involved.
CFL Week 2016 was organised by collaborative family law membership organisation, Brighter Future, and ran in the week leading up to the group’s annual conference. The aim was to provide a means for family professionals and other dispute resolution (DR) practitioners to increase awareness and understanding among separating couples, their families, friends and professional advisers of the benefits of using collaborative law to resolve the issues around divorce.

The campaign was run on a very tight budget, and we knew that the key to engaging Brighter Future’s 150+ members – who are all busy family lawyers and family professionals - was to keep things simple. Our goal was make it as easy as possible for them to get involved and help amplify the CFL Week message.
Collaborative Family Law Week

The campaign

Our strategy was to tap into the active family law social media community to start the CFL Week conversation, and provide relevant, shareable content.

Working with the Brighter Future committee, we shaped the messaging for the week and prepared a series of daily blog posts, each looking at a different aspect of the collaborative process, which we promoted via email and social media.
We commissioned a series of simple, striking visuals to support each of these messages and a CFL Week logo – all of which were made available to members to use.

We ran an email marketing campaign to engage the Brighter Future membership, along with organic social media activity to engage the wider family law community in the run up to - and during - CFL Week.

Daily emails for the duration of the CFL Week highlighted the resources available to distribute and share, and made it easy for people to do with just one click.

The results

During Collaborative Family Law Week, Brighter Future tweets averaged 2,000 impressions per day, with nationwide engagement. The email marketing campaign generated open rates averaging 28% and click through rates of 34%; both well above the industry average.
On the final day of CFL Week, at the Brighter Future conference, we were swamped with feedback from collaborative professionals on the CFL Week ‘buzz’ and conversations the blog and social media activity had initiated. As a result, the committee decided to run the campaign again in 2017 and 2018, which delivered increased engagement levels and firms creating and sharing their own #CFLWeek content.
Committee member Sue McArthur said: “We literally could not have done this without you. The Partners Group has shown unstinting support for Brighter Future since its inception. The guidance we have received in relation to all aspects of marketing has been invaluable: from strategic input and campaigns to blog content and digital marketing, we can always depend on you for quality and creativity.”



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