“We owe The Partners Group a lot for supporting our idea and helping our business grow. The coverage we have received has been amazing!” 



The brief

Zubble, an exciting new music discovery app, combines social networking with music. It was developed by two University of York graduates to replace algorithm-based music discovery - currently used by most music streaming services - with recommendations from real people who share your music tastes. 
We met the Zubble team at the very early stages of the business, when they claimed the publicity support offered as part of a Venturefest Yorkshire competition prize package. They were looking for strategic and tactical support to help secure investment that would enable the app to move from the concept stage into development. 
Zubble Music

The campaign

The first phase of work was a strategic piece to help Zubble’s two founders position and develop the messaging around the app to help sell it to potential investors.

From there, we provided advice, input and a sounding board for the team as they developed their investment pitch, followed by the development and delivery of a media strategy to support the app’s regional launch in April 2017.

The results

The app launch was covered extensively by regional news and business online, print and broadcast media, generating significant exposure that created interest as well as leading to further competition, presentation and pitch opportunities for the team. 
Zubble said: “We owe The Partners Group a lot for supporting our idea, helping our business grow by making some brilliant introductions to contacts and getting us some of the best regional press coverage possible when we launched the app.

"We're very grateful for your support in Zubble’s early stages, and look forward to working together again in the future!”