Talking the talk: why staff communication is essential for mergers and acquisitions

While M&As can be exciting, they also cause friction – staff may be concerned about job security or culture changes, while managers may struggle to motivate larger teams. So, where does communication come into all this?
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Harnessing the power of DIY video

While there will always be a place for professionally shot and edited video content, video has never been easier and more affordable to produce with a smartphone or tablet. 
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Keep calm in a crisis: how to handle product recalls

From the Cadbury salmonella outbreak to the IKEA horse meat scandal, product recalls never cease to cause a stir – particularly where food is concerned.
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How can the food processing sector overcome the challenges of a dispersed workforce?

We explore how to mitigate some of the challenges of a remote manufacturing workforce by improving internal communication.
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It's cool to be kind

The key message now, when posting anything on socials, is ‘be kind’. This doesn’t just apply to individual personal online interactions on socials, but also businesses. So, how can you be kind on social media, as a business?
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Manufacturers: why your value proposition is more important than your product

To keep customers coming back and revenue high you need to communicate the added value you deliver.
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