Do you know how well you are performing?

Tracking your marketing performance and analysing the data are the first steps to better performance

Activity, SEO and technical
Social Media:
Network, interaction and setup
Results, setup and data
Paid Advertising:
Campaigns, ROI and setup
Online Presence:
Google results, reviews and historical footprint
Offline Presence:
Print, POS and touch points

Measuring your success


Top athletes do it, racing teams do it endlessly. In fact, anyone at the top of their game, measures their success.

So why don’t more businesses measure their marketing performance?

We can help you measure the performance of your marketing activities. A key step is understanding what is working and what is not, and crucially, how you can improve your results. Depending on your activities, we can help you measure the performance of your website, social media, emails and paid advertising, as well as your online and offline presence.

We have vast experience of using the world’s leading tools to get the data that helps businesses hit their targets.

Understanding the opportunities


Analysing the data is the next key step in improving results, and this is where knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Over the years we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes understand data behind the results they have been producing. We work with internal stakeholders to collate the data and then understand it, getting to grips with information that actually gives you actionable insights.

The experience we have gained over the years enables us to know where to look for the juicy data, whilst also being able to understand it and identify the areas for improvement.

Giving you the insight to grow


Taking action is the only way to improve results and we can give you actionable tasks driven by data.

After identifying the opportunities, we help our clients plan out the steps needed to improve results, and then work with them to achieve their objectives. This is where our ‘partnership’ approach really benefits our clients, as we can advise, support and train internal teams to take on the tasks themselves, or we can take complete ownership and just get the work done.

We can support you as much or as little as you need.

Want to know what is working and what is not? and how to improve your performance?

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We’ve been impressed with the Partners Group’s strategic approach which has helped us to clarify our market positioning and future growth strategy.
Adam Gillard
Cutwel Ltd
"Partners helped get our message clear, and consider all of our audiences. Thanks to them, the PR was a great success. It was certainly money well spent."
Jonathan Marsden
The Technology Group
"The Partners Group has taken our brand to the next level and helped my business achieve at least 25% growth every year."
Ian Short
Morley Glass & Glazing
"The work Partners does for us has played a vital part in establishing our brand and reputation in the region, and continues to be fundamental in driving the growth of the business."
James Baird
Dynamic Networks Group
"The PR campaign is helping us attract the people we’re looking for to achieve our growth ambitions. It's also helping us make significant savings on recruitment fees."
Nick Houghton
JM Glendinning