Making your website work for you

So you have a website, which you’ve probably invested quite a bit of time and money into, and you like it, but you’re not sure whether it’s actually delivering what you want it to.

We can look at your website and help you to understand what’s working and what’s not, then we can help you make it better. 

By utilising a range of digital tools, we can conduct an extensive audit of your website and map out ways to make it better. 
User Experience
Does your site work? Is it easy to use and navigate? Does it give the visitor what they want?
Is it professional? Does it appeal to their ideal client? Does it work on mobile devices?
SEO Performance
How is the site performing? What needs improving? What opportunities are you currently missing out on?
Technical Performance
Does the site meet Google's guidelines? Any issues that need fixing? What could be improved?

Website audits

We’ll take a really good look under the hood of your website, and tell you who’s visiting it, how they get there, where they go once they’re in, and what they like and don’t like.

We’ll also find out what you want people to do on your site, and suggest ways to take things forward from an SEO, user journey and design perspective that meets you and your users’ needs.

Website audits

It's all about content


Once we identify where the optimisation opportunities are, who better than us to make the necessary changes and evolve your channels and create engaging content to improve results?

Our optimisation service starts with your website, giving you the foundation to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns across all of your digital channels. 

Digital channel audits

Your website is just one of your digital channels, and getting them all working well together is where the real magic lies.

​We can conduct an audit of all your digital channels to ensure they are working as they should and show you how you can improve them and get better returns for your digital advertising.
Digital Presence
Social Channels
Email Activities
Paid Advertising

Could your website do with an audit? Want to know how to get better results?

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"Partners helped get our message clear, and consider all of our audiences. Thanks to them, the PR was a great success. It was certainly money well spent."
Jonathan Marsden
The Technology Group
"The work Partners does for us has played a vital part in establishing our brand and reputation in the region, and continues to be fundamental in driving the growth of the business."
James Baird
Dynamic Networks Group
We’ve been impressed with the Partners Group’s strategic approach which has helped us to clarify our market positioning and future growth strategy.
Adam Gillard
Cutwel Ltd
"The Partners Group has taken our brand to the next level and helped my business achieve at least 25% growth every year."
Ian Short
Morley Glass & Glazing
"The PR campaign is helping us attract the people we’re looking for to achieve our growth ambitions. It's also helping us make significant savings on recruitment fees."
Nick Houghton
JM Glendinning