We can help you all the way through the PR and marketing alphabet. Here's a services A-Z...


Services A to Z

Looking for help with PR or marketing campaigns? We've created an A-Z of how we can help so for a quick, in in a nutshell guide to the support we can provide, take a look through the list.

Advertising – we come up with creative ideas for new advertising concepts and campaigns, and can work with our team of designers to bring those concepts to life. For some clients, we handle the ad campaign management, too.
Apps – we can help you identify where a website is the best solution, or whether an app could serve the purpose more effectively, and we work with experienced developers to ensure both content and delivery mechanism work effectively together.
Awards – we identify relevant awards and research, write, design (if needs be) and submit award entries, as well as highlighting the spin-off PR opportunities that come from being shortlisted or winning.
Blogging – we’ll create a blog plan, including content and topic ideas, and then we’ll research and write posts that give you relevant and engaging content to support your wider communications activity. Consistency is key to successful blogging, and we’ll deliver well-written SEO-effective content that will enable to you to maintain that consistency. 
Case studies – we can help you demonstrate the impact of your work among the people that matter, by identifying, researching and writing impactful case studies.
Competitor analysis– we analyse competitor activity to help you understand and define your place in the market.
Community relations – when engaging the local community matters, we can help develop strategies, plans and tactics (plus the all-important supporting publicity activities, of course).
Content – you name it, our team of expert wordsmiths can turn (and most probably has turned) their hand to it. We write copy for a wide range of on and offline marketing materials, including (among other things) websites, infographics, videos, brochures, newsletters, customer guides, technical and feature articles, annual reports, leaflets, posters, presentations, packaging, top tips, fact sheets, point of sale materials, banner stands, adverts, postcards, scripts, tweets, FAQs, press packs, speeches, email campaigns, LinkedIn profiles, case studies, biographies…the list goes on. Put it this way - you’ll never be lost for words with us around.
Crisis communications – we’ll help you identify what could impact on your organisation and how, and develop a robust communications plan that can be implemented quickly and easily should the worst happen. And if a crisis hits but you don’t have a plan in place – we can still help, providing a virtual press office to field calls and provide you with valuable thinking, planning and action time. We’ve helped organisations handle crises from deaths and injuries on construction sites to controversial sackings, protestors and product recalls.
Direct marketing – we’ll come up with creative ideas for both on and offline campaigns that will get you noticed by the people you want to notice you.

Email marketing – we use a number of different software systems to run email marketing campaigns for our clients. From one-off flyers to regular and more detailed e-newsletters and sales campaigns, we can manage the process including design, content planning, writing, sourcing images, distributing and reporting back on open, click-through and bounce rates. Or we can simply provide the content.
Exhibition/event support – we work with event organisers to develop and implement activity that will get people through the door. This includes securing media partnerships; liaising with exhibitors, speakers and the event team to identify and maximise publicity opportunities; providing a press office service; briefing key spokespeople; and encouraging and managing media attendance on the day.
Financial results – we can help you use your financial results as a marketing tool, creating financial reports with impact.
Great ideas - sometimes when you're too close to something it can be hard to take a step back and make time to think creatively. We can help. We take a brief, run a brainstorm with the team here and come back to you with creative ideas.
‘How to’ guides –  written, graphical and video 'how to' guides are only ever as effective as their content, and we can help create that content.
Infographics – we can turn complex processes or concepts into accessible visual aids, which can then be used across a wide variety of communication channels to help engage your target audiences.
Internal communications – we work with a partner to run employee engagement exercises, which form the basis of developing and implementing internal communications strategies.
International PR – as the sole UK representative of the International Public Relations Team (IPR Team) network, we can provide publicity support across five continents.
Journalist briefings – we can set up, help prepare for and/or host meetings and briefings with relevant media to help establish and/or nurture relationships as well as ensuring your spokespeople are on their contact lists.
Keynote speeches – we help clients with speech writing for events and conferences.

Keyword research and audit - when it comes to building a strong SEO strategy, one of the most important factors to consider is the use of effective keywords. Our keyword audits will identify the most effective keywords, what opportunities you may be missing, and determine how to create relevant content for audiences going forward.
Lobbying – our work includes lobbying at a local level, generally around new housing developments as part of public consultation exercises.
Marketing support – we help clients select the communication channels that will work best for them; identifying and creating the materials (websites, advertising, literature, direct and e-marketing) that will deliver the results they need.
Media lists – we have a comprehensive and continually updated database of UK print, broadcast and online media; blogs and trade and consumer magazines, from which we can create media lists of target media and relevant writers/correspondents.
News releases – some say the traditional news release is dead, but we still use them successfully to generate positive media coverage for many organisations in different sectors throughout the country.
Newsletters– we offer a complete newsletter design, writing and production service, or we can slot in to provide copywriting support as required.
Online PR – we help our clients manage what they say (and what is said about them) online – on their website, on news sites, blogs or social media - to make sure that online communications are consistent and co-ordinated, reflecting and supporting all of the hard work they put into their offline marketing and driving traffic to their website.
Proof reading – our eagle eyed team is often asked to proof read documents to eliminate typos, inconsistencies and grammatical errors.
PR – we can help with both PR strategy and hands on PR support; local, regional and trade campaign planning and delivery; researching, writing and selling in news stories; tailoring stories and developing news angles for different media; arranging media calls and photo/interview opportunities; as well as media briefings.
Q&As –part of the value we add is in asking the tough questions and challenging your thinking. This is particularly useful in our crisis planning work, where we’ll play devil’s advocate and come up with the questions you hope you’ll never be asked and the worst case scenarios you hope you’ll never find yourselves in. Then we help you shape and deliver your responses. We also produce informative Q&A (or FAQ) fact sheets for print circulation and/or publication on websites.
Reputation management – Your reputation is your most valuable asset, and it needs to be nurtured and developed. Clear, consistent and concise communication and story telling lie at the heart of reputation and brand management.  Our public relations consultancy combines PR strategy development with straight talking, hands-on profile raising from a team of skilled experts.
SEO – the shift from behind the scenes, keyword placement-led search engine optimisation to recognition of quality content plays to our strengths, and we help clients create content plans, and then work with them to implement those plans by supplying the content they need.
Social media – we can help you evaluate which social media platforms are relevant for you and your organisation; help you develop a social media strategy and plan; roll it out among your team; and provide support with content creation, scheduling and distribution.
Strategic planning - we help organisations get strategic communications plans in place - and can help deliver them - and also inject some fresh thinking from an impartial outside organisation.
Surveys - a survey can provide excellent material for a PR exercise, but it can also give you great content for blog posts, newsletters and social media campaigns. We can help formulate angles and manage the research process to ensure it ticks the right boxes.  
Testimonials – sometimes customers find it easier to give feedback (good and bad!) to an independent third party. We have helped companies working in even the most sensitive industries (such as divorce law) to gather impactful testimonials from their clients that can be used in marketing activity.

Thought-leadership - an effective way to build your personal and corporate brand is to implement a thought-leadership campaign, that positions you as the "go-to" person or organisation on specific issues and topics.
Understanding – we’ll invest time to get to know your organisation, team and industry, which in turn enables us to hit the ground running on projects and identify the communications tools, channels and ideas that will help promote understanding among your target audiences of the work you’re doing.
Video – we work with a number of hand-picked partners to script and storyboard a range of video pieces, from ‘how to’ guides and corporate videos to technical product demos and video news releases. We’ve found that adding our content and key message development skills to the technical expertise of video production experts is delivering a winning combination, and giving our clients finished video that not only looks fantastic, but is giving out exactly the right messages, too.
Website development – we work with a select number of quality web designers and developers to provide a complete web design, content and build service, which includes the creation of responsive sites, e-commerce sites, microsites and brochure sites. We also work with people who have designers and developers on board to provide a stand-alone website copy writing service.
Workshops – we offer a series of ‘off the shelf’ workshops, but we also tailor sessions to suit clients’ needs.  Existing workshops include What is News? (how to identify a news story), Social Media Essentials, (which platforms are right for you & how do you use them) and the Partners Pathfinder (creating a marketing strategy and plan). We regularly run ‘how to write a press release’ sessions for groups of all sizes as well as training for media spokespeople, to ensure they can confidently represent their organisation in media interviews.
X-ray vision – Just checking you're still with us! We're still working on our super powers, but as a ‘critical friend’ we can cut through internal politics and give you a valuable, straight talking, honest appraisal of how the world sees your organisation and the likely response to the messages you want to communicate. If something isn’t newsworthy, we’ll tell you, and then we’ll find a way of making it appeal to the right people.
Year-end reports – reporting to stakeholders is a key part of the remit for many marketing teams. We can advise on report format and content; manage development and production; or simply help with copywriting.
Zing – if you’re missing the vital ingredient that will give your communications added zing, we’re here to help!
For more information about our work or to discuss a project, contact us.

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