Our latest White Paper "Demystifying SEO" outlines 16 must-do actions for SEO


Demystifying SEO White Paper launched

Like a lot of the terminology that has emerged in the digital era, Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO as it is more widely known - is one of those phrases which, at first, feels like it was conceived to baffle anyone outside of the digital marketing world with science.  That isn’t the case though.  Instead, it reflects the fact that the web and its terminology is still incredibly young.

This White Paper will help you make sense of SEO from a marketeer’s or business owner’s perspective – what it is in simple terms, why you need it, how to set up your site in the right way and what you need to do to keep an SEO programme going.

Our 16 must-do things for SEO include keywords and page titles, great content, link building, making the most of Google+ and uploading video clips to YouTube correctly.

Download the free Demystifying SEO White Paper here.

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