"You really can have your cake and eat it!”.

Monica Green, Partners Group


Ready, steady, cook

Clients often comment on the fact that we are a close-knit and effective team that fits seamlessly into their business.  So we thought we’d put our team working to the test – in a kitchen!
With help from the lovely people at Pro-Development and Harmony House cookery school, our team building day helped us to improve communication, feedback and delegation skills – and we’re also now dab hands at pastry!
Throughout the day, a variety of sessions on how to communicate successfully, with focus on delegation, honest conversations and feedback, were combined with cooking challenges which provided an opportunity for the learning to come to life.
Partners Group director Monica Green said: “It was a hugely valuable day that really showed us how to bring out the best in each other by sharing and understanding each other’s strengths and values. It brought us together even more as a team and demonstrated to us that you really can have your cake and eat it!”.

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