“The media exposure Partners delivered led to an enquiry worth £100k, an invitation to speak at a key industry event and heightened awareness of our MD in the region.”

Duncan Renewables


Regional B2B PR

Our media and business contacts across the region mean that Yorkshire-based organsiations often aproach us for help to tell their story to help grow their businesses.

From sports retailers and florists to renewable energy companies and IT firms – if you’ve got a great business story to tell, an office move, an anniversary, a new contract, a new management team, a new product to launch – or simply feel you’re not getting the attention you deserve, we can help.

We've been helping clients in Yorkshire save money, attract staff and customers, generate leads, grow - and more - for three decades. As a result, we have excellent regional media contacts, and great business contacts too. We're very happy to introduce our clients where there's mutual benefit and help them do business together.

Our work includes: Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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