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Manufacturers know that to stand out from their competitors and grow their market share, they need to exploit every marketing opportunity and every channel possible. PR has now become a central element in most manufacturing businesses' B2B marketing campaigns. Business buyers tend to be highly averse to risk, and look for reliable suppliers who have an established reputation in the market; a reputation built and reinforced by PR.
Creating quality B2B PR content depends very much on understanding the needs and expectations of your audiences. This is where industry experience comes to the fore: knowing your industry and the nuances of its verticals, corresponding media and what audiences really want will dictate just how well your content engages with - and ultimately influences - your target audiences.

Our work with manufacturing companies ranges from building components to food ingredients and integral blinds to industrial greases. We integrate PR with broader marketing communications to reach the people who matter to your business in creative and strategic ways - from advertising campaigns and trade show support to e-marketing and social media campaigns. You can see our full list of services here.
Carefully conceived, consistent and bold B2B marketing communications and PR can give you huge competitive advantage, taking your customer on a journey from discovery to advocacy. Whether it is done through online or offline channels, good communications will help take your business to the next level.

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